Quill, Write Ups

To The Men In The Uniform,

Since I was small, I was taught about the past of our nation, our rich culture , our ideals, the war for independence, our freedom fighters. I was always taught to respect and love them. Now also whenever I see our national flag fluttering with pride at a high pedestal, I cannot control the goosebumps, and the rush of blood, that signifies how I love every aspect of our nation. It’s soil, it’s culture, it’s tradition are all a part of me. It has been a ritual to sit in the front of television to see witness the republic day parade and the flag hoisting.

And when you came back to your motherland draped in the same flag, I was sad, I was angry. Perhaps on our helplessness, perhaps on our lack of power to do something. I felt ashamed that we, the government, couldn’t do anything. I saw the video of the Pulwama attack and was terrified by it’s intensity. We surely couldn’t cover up the losses of your grieving families.

Seeing the news today at 9, I was yet again filled with pride for our Indian Forces. We can’t bring you back but we ensure you, we will build an India that fights back.

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