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We Use To Be Friends

We Used To Be Friends is a story about two best friends, Kat and James who start to drift
apart. It’s a story told from a dual point of views and a converging timeline.
I’ve gone through multiple friendship break-ups in my life as I’m sure the rest of you would
have and yet the media keeps glorifying romantic break-ups and turning a blind eye to
friendships. This is why I was so excited to hear the premise of this book. There’s no
sugar-coating this one, the title says it all. People change and friendships run their course
and I found that We Used To Be Friends explored this aspect beautifully. Kat and James
are total opposites and we get a glimpse into both their lives and the circumstances which
lead to their break-up. At its core this book is about friendship. Through Kat and James we
can see how much friendships means and the ways in which good friends can carry you
through life. We go through the frustrating part of trying to figure out the rules of friendships
and making new friends along with the negative feelings like frustration and jealousy that
come into play. Sometimes friendships don’t work out no matter how hard we try and no
matter how bad we want to stick to our old friends. Sometimes we just have to let go.

Another great aspect that was explored is how often romance takes the front-seat and
friends are pushed back. I hate when characters desert their friends for romance and then
go running back whenever something disastrous happens in their romantic life, taking
friendship for granted. Spalding explores that with Kat and James and I’m infinitely grateful
to see that portrayal. It’s simply amazing how the author was able to encompass such a
wide array of aspects of friendship in such a way that every single person can see their
friendships reflected in this book. This is one book I feel that I won’t mind reading over and
over, just to remind myself the importance of friendships and letting go when things turn

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