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Women’s Day ?

Warning: explicit content ahead

Two days from international women’s day and I’ve experienced something which I wanna share with y’all .

  1. A guy accidently ‘bumping’ with a girl and apologizing with a smug look on his face .
  2. A man fighting with his wife on one narrow passageway of a hospital for the gender test of their baby .
  3. Two boys commenting over a girl’s ‘deep’ neckline that she is practically begging for it , bitch .

I’m quite sure that on 8th of March , all of these people were uploading stories about women empowerment, equal rights and respecting women . Ironical . This is how they’re respecting women . Bumping on someone , not so accidently because they think we girls are weak . We ain’t gonna do nothing . Forcing your wife to do a gender test of the baby so that you can abort if it is a girl . The neckline of a girl defines her character , she is practically begging for it .
Really ?
What the fuck is wrong with our society ?
The events mentioned above is not the full story . There’s more to it –

  1. That girl ‘ accidently ‘ slapped that guy .
  2. The wife kicked him where sun doesn’t shine .
    Yes , she kicked him there and said it to his face that she is not going to do any test .yay
  3. The girl with deep neckline and deeper sense of humour , gave those boys a piece of their mind and silenced them a big and loud middle finger .

After experiencing all of these , I couldn’t wipe out the ear to ear smile off my face . It’s high time we raise our voice high and our knees higher (you know what I mean)
Be unapologetically you .

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